I Spent A Day With The CEO of a Billion Dollar Company— Here’s What I Learned

“Linda is the CEO of Linamar, one of the world’s largest autoparts & manufacturing company. Her story is really interesting: she turned a $1B company into one worth $8B. She’s also on the Board of Directors of CIBC…”

I Shadowed Barney Pell & Chris Hadfield As They Advised ML Ventures: Here’s What I Learned

“As I shadowed them while they advised 10 Machine Learning start-ups, I was furiously noting down the questions they asked, and the advice they gave. Within the first few meetings I could already tell what made Barney and Chris so different from your average Bob and Joe: they were inquisitive and analytical, and instead of asking detailed….”

Creative Destructive Lab: A Day To Remember

“Don’t depend on your community and connections as a good source for data collection, they are the easiest ones to reach, and will try to support you. What about the ones that are difficult to reach? What is the magic that your product/service provides that is not only convincing, but compelling?”

SingularityU Summit: The 16 Year Old Perspective

“…we thought outside of the box, mixed technological industries together, and most importantly, we had fun. When we spoke about our ideas, we were enthusiastic and energetic. Our group members? They wanted to create guidelines. Their initial reaction was to set rules. When they spoke of their ideas, they stuck to very generic and traditional possibilities…”