My Purpose in Life

[Temporarily] Private update.

Hey :wave::skin-tone-3: The past few weeks have brought about a lot of change: here’s an update on what I’ve realized is my purpose.

Woah, huge statement, I know – it hit me pretty hard last week and totally flung me across the room with it’s impact. I didn’t expect to figure this out so early (….years early), let alone now. As I continue to explain in this update, and even with what I’ve said so far, I want to point out that the majority of my insides are telling me I’m completely wrong, but something is also saying “this is it” with full conviction. It’s like I know it, but I don’t want to believe it at all. The only thing I truly know is that I need to deeply explore this:

I think the next major step for us is to actually be a true global community and really *in-tune to ourselves + each other.

*This starts with deeply understanding our experience of the world, and deeply understanding other peoples’ experience of the world.

I have belief that there’s a level/wavelength of consciousness that will allow us to deeply explore “what’s next” for our specie. It will also really help people at mass live authentically, find fulfillment in life, and deeply understand others. I think it’s very possible for EVERYONE to get to this wavelength, I just don’t know how yet.

What I do have is an intuitive understanding of what the wavelength is, how far/close to it certain people are, and even why specific people are further/closer, or what’s limiting them from getting there. Somehow I’ve been able to figure this out really well and cross-check with others’ experiences.

I feel as if I really need to understand how to get other people to this state, how we can do that at scale, and what’s disabling people at mass from getting there now.

The overview above has presented a really strong vision I have for the future:

  1. Somehow figuring out how to elevate humanity to this level of tapability into consciousness.
  2. I don’t know if this will completely be done in my lifetime, but I think if I move in the right direction with the right speed & people, it might be possible. Atleast to get close enough to being there.
  3. Building a community of people who are very tied to #1 and #3, and working directly on them.
  4. Rebuilding the constructs of this world to optimize for specie elevation.

More opinions on vision.
Relating to it overall:

  • can’t do this alone.
  • Many people will probably not understand this. Not in the conventional world (I don’t care about believability there), but also with people who I think/respect as smart (I barely care about believability there as well, I’m just surprised that this is the case).

Relating to #1: Consciousness

  • Art is not what will unlock tapability. Neither will creativity, but culture will (and does) play a huge role.
  • I can’t unlock this without other people who are on the same wavelength by me. They wouldn’t be able to do this alone either. Current research and knowledge will also not unlock this (although, it will be helpful).
  • Psychedelics does not do this either. It might help with removing some care for certain constructs, but it does not accomplish tapability and in-tune-ness to consciousness.

Relating to #2: Community

  • I used to think about creating a hackerhouse in my mid-late 20s of people working on solving hard problems. I thought this would only be compromised of TKS kids. I see this differently now: A) It’s not just going to be a hackerhouse, it needs to be a literal community/team on a mission to rebuild the world together. B) It can’t just be TKS kids. We need Jaden, Teo, and Paj. C) It might resemble what I was previously thinking about it but the foundation and intention behind it is almost fundamentally different.
  • I have to deeply connect with people, bring them to my wavelength, support them in getting to their own lightposts, have patience as they deeply understand themselves, and then be the bridge between others at their lightposts.
  • I am uniquely positioned to do this. Mostly because I’ve been at my lightpost for what feels like forever. I can just see and deconstruct where most people are at relative to their own lightposts, and why.

Relating to #3: Rebuilding constructs

  • This will involve rethinking a lot. It’s why we need a community as well: for people to build the parts they’re most passionate about. Areas include culture, governance, sustainability, food, transportation… a lot.
  • We need to get to a place where developing countries is just not a thing, and true equity exists.
  • I don’t think I’m ready to deeply have a discussion on this yet or to completely reimagine these areas. It’ll be based on principles and fundamental beliefs that need to be fleshed out (and can’t be yet).
  • We need to support people like Tom Bilyeu.

What do I need to do in the short-term?

  1. Understand certain research topics. **See below for which.
  2. Gain complete financial freedom over the next two years. I’ll start with a shopify store in September latest.
  3. Get people on the wavelength. Deep investment in certain relationships.
  4. Write & build network.

**Areas to flesh out understanding of right now:

  • Understanding consciousness: mind, brain, and direct consciousness research. Philosophies on consciousness. Psychedelics. Helmut Schmidt & Robert Jahn’s coin experiment. David Chalmer & the mapping problem. Francisco Varela & neurophenomenology. Sam Harris as brain-snack.
  • Bodily energies: chakras, chi or qi, eastern medicine, electromagnetic field of the brain vs heart, bioelectric fields (harold burr)
  • General energy: quantum, waves vs particles, frequencies
  • Different dimensions, multi-universes, time (relativity to start off)
  • Memory (walter schemp’s work), MRI
  • General research into the pyramids. I did some on crystals already and it hasn’t convinced me of anything but given me good food for thought and areas to look into.

How am I feeling about this?

Diary version not to be dramatic but because I want to log & convey transparency with my emotions regarding this rn.

Daunted. Obviously long-term excited but more daunted than anything. I feel like I have a really strong vision of the future I want to create and that in itself feels so unexpected. I feel most shocked than anything. I also know I’m doing something that is not understood at all, I don’t know how to prove yet, but I really understand it intuitively in my mind. I feel the way I assume the curiosity and intuition Einstein felt when he would imagine experiments and outcomes in his mind: a sense of deep understanding of things that hadn’t physically been seen/proven/understood yet, as almost fact. I’m not saying I’m Einstein.

I’m internally a pessimistic, and not because I want to be. I’d prefer not having this feeling..

I got Cassia to the level of consciousness I’m describing last week and to see someone else outside of my own experience at that level waned my invalidation of it. I hopped on a call with a few people who I thought had experienced something similar, thinking I’d be completely wrong.. and wasn’t.

TLDR: I feel like I’m chartering into uncharted territory. I’ve felt daunted and shocked by how clear I see this. I feel compelled, and .. doubtful/distrustful. I feel like this is something I’m uniquely positioned to do, and also that I have to do this. I feel like it’s my responsibility to understand this and create what I’m thinking of because if the slim chance that I’m right is correct, I really think this is going to change the game for our specie.

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